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Covid-19 Mitigation and Re-Opening Plan
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This plan has been revised to align with the "COVID-19 and Reopening In-Person lnstruction Framework & Public Health Guidance for K-12 Schools in California, 2020-2021 School Year" document received on January 14,2021. There also has been a few changes in the terminology being used. One of these changes is the definition of the word "cohort" by the Public Health Department. It now defines the word "cohort" as a small group receiving targeted intervention services. The term that will now be used to describe groups of students is "stable groups". The AM/PM groups of students in the hybrid model will now be referred to as "stable groups".

lnstruction beginning on January 25, 2021 will be designed around the policies in the document mentioned above. These changes will result in different guidelines than we had planned on up to this point. We will remain in the hybrid model with some adjustments. Safety is our highest priority. It is very important that our safety protocols at school are followed closely. If we all do our part, we can ensure that Green Valley Elementary School will remain open throughout the spring.
Any new information that has been added to this plan is in bold print.
General Information:
    • All students in TK through 5th grade will remain in the AM/PM hybrid model in stable groups until further notice
    • Parents will do a health check of each child before coming to school in the morning to
      make sure their child doesn't have a fever or that the child isn't presenting as ill.
    • Parents will keep their child home even if they are exhibiting mild symptoms.
    • Classes will not cross mingle in closed-in spaces
    • PTO meetings will continue via ZOOM and the PTO will plan appropriate activities within the protocols.
    • We will continue to use the handwashing stations after recess and hand sanitizer as needed in the classrooms
    • No food can come into the classrooms from the outside community for birthday, class parties etc.
    • No extracurricular activities at this time
    • Students will not use the drinking fountains. Students are asked to bring their own water bottle to school.
Face Coverings:
    • Adults will wear approved masks at all times.
    • All students in 3rd-5th grade are required to wear a mask while at school.
    • All students in TK-2nd grade are required to wear a mask or shield with a drape around the bottom at this time while at school*"
    • Children who are playing at recess or participating in PE will wear masks "even while playing with heavy exertion as tolerated" **
    • Parents can provide a doctor's note for a medical exemption for their child not to wear a mask if they have a medical condition. Students with a medical condition must wear a shield with a drape.
    • Please remember that masks must be clean and laundered regularly
    • Disposable masks are available in the event that a student forgets their mask.
    • Parents and community members must wear a mask when on campus
    • "Schools must exclude students from campus if they are not exempt from wearing a face covering under California Department of Public Health guidelines and refuse to wear a face covering"**
**These items are in accordance with the COVID-19 and Reopening In-Person Instruction Framework. (see pages 16-17)
    • No volunteers (including parents) will be allowed on campus or in rooms for the foreseeable future. Until further notice, no adults other than staff will be allowed on campus during school hours with the exception of drop off / pick up or business in the office.
Arrival / Drop Off:
    • Students will line up on black top before school
    • TK and Kindergarten students will line up outside their classroom. Parents should be with their student and properly distanced. Students who arrive without an adult will be walked by a yard supervisor to the classroom.
    • AM students should not arrive before 8:40am and PM students not before 12:20.
    • Parents walking their TK, Kindergarten or 1st grade student to class must wear an approved mask and practice social distancing while on campus.
    • Car Line drop off
      • This area is located in front of the school office. Please pull forward to the farthest extent possible and have your child exit the car on the passenger side. Please do not leave your vehicle unattended unless you are in a parking stall.
Pick Up / Dismissal:
    • TK and Kindergarten dismissal from the classroom door
      • Parents encouraged to social distance while waiting
      • Parents are required to wear a face covering
      • Students who are being picked up in the front of the school will be walked by a staff member to the front of the school.
    • Bus
      • Students will walk to bus in socially distanced line and board the bus from the back to the front with the exception of TK/K students who always sit in the front for safety reasons
    • Car Pick Up
      • Primary students will wait on a dot near the Plumb Center until their name is called to walk to their car. Upper Grade students (4th/5th grade) will be lined up outside the office in the area adjacent to the grass until their name is called to walk to their car.
      • During inclement weather, all students will be lined up in the Plumb Center until their name is called to walk to their car.
    • Merv filters will be placed in all classroom HVAC systems
    • Each classroom will have a table top air filter
    • We will provide as much space as possible between desks in the classroom but "under no circumstances should distance between student chairs be less than 4 feet. If 6 feet of space is not possible."
    • The teacher's workstation will be at least 6 feet from student desks
    • Each teacher will look at their room to assign a seating arrangement that will work for their respective grade level for all aspects of their day
    • Staff are required to wear face coverings.
    • Desks will all be facing forward- no groups with as much space as possible between desks.
    • A chromebook will be issued to each student.
    • Small group tables wiped down between groups.
    • Students need to have their own materials. (crayons, scissors, glue etc)
    • No sharing of materials unless they can be cleaned between uses.
    • Door handles, sinks and other common areas will be wiped between the am and pm session and disinfected daily.
    • Students will be taught to wait outside when all stalls are in use and that when one person exits then the next student may enter.
    • We will place markers on the ground outside to show students where to wait.
    • Restrooms will be part of the midday cleaning schedule
    • Recess areas will be staggered to provide for further distancing
    • Activities will be monitored for distancing.
    • Students will wash their hands at the end of each recess.
    • Classes line up in their designated spot on the blacktop. Each class will have two lines which will allow for proper distancing
    • Masks will need to be worn at recess. "Students in all grade levels K-12 are required to wear face coverings at all times, while at school"
    • Closed before and after school
    • All books will be cleaned when returned to the library
    • Students may reserve books online
    • Classes will go to the library for book checkout only
    • Limit the number of people in the office (3 family maximum). If maximum number is reached people will wait outside
    • Parents will enter and exit through the front door 9 Students will enter and exit through the side door
    • All deliveries will be left in the office- no parent delivery to classes (snacks, forgotten work etc.)
    • Reduce seating to accommodate 6 ft distance
    • No students should be sent to the office to finish work or for classroom time out without calling the office first.
    • Door handles will be wiped throughout the day.
Health Office:
    • The Health Office is available for all student health needs
    • Students may come to take medications, get ice, bandaids etc.
    • All surfaces will be wiped down after each student's visit
    • Sick students
      • Send to the office for evaluation
      • Call ahead to let us know they are coming
      • Only one student allowed in the health office at a time
      • Containment room or other separate area will be utilized for students who display COVlD type symptoms
        • Health office nurse will supervise and office staff will cover the health office if this occurs
      • Parent will be notified to pick up their child
Staff Lounge:
    • Each staff member needs to wipe down their table space after eating
    • No parent volunteers in teacher workroom
Student Support:
Green Valley Elementary recognizes that the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, may have had a significant impact on many students. Staff will continue to provide a caring and nurturing educational environment for all students. Our counselor will continue to provide instruction on social-emotional well-being to all students including information on how to deal with stress and anxiety in healthy ways and the importance of emotional well-being for academic success.
Instruction / Schedules:
Green Valley will offer an A.M in person session from 8:55-11:30 and a P.M in person session from 12:35-3:10. During this time, instruction will focus primarily on Language Arts and Math with some Social Studies and Science integrated into the instruction. This hybrid model allows for smaller class sizes and the ability for staff and students to observe proper social distancing in accordance with health and safety guidelines. Students will be assigned work to complete at home during the part of their day they are not attending in person.
Social Distancing:
In order to maintain a campus environment that allows for social distancing, Green Valley Elementary shall to the extent reasonably possible:
      • Arrange desks so that students are not facing each other and physically distanced
      • Mark six foot boundaries within classrooms, common areas and places where students are likely to line up, so that students are more readily aware and able to abide by social distancing requirements
      • Limit the number of students who may use the restroom at a time
      • Minimize the mixing of student stable groups in common spaces
      • Conduct recess in a manner that minimizes the use of shared equipment
Large gatherings (assemblies, athletic events etc) are suspended until the Rescue Union School District determines, consistent with guidance from state and local health officials, that it is safe to resume such activities.
Community Participation and Facility Use:
    • No Parent Volunteers at this time
    • No Parents on campus for pickup/drop off except for TK / Kinder and 1st grade students
    • Indoor facilities are not available for community use at this time (Scouts, Good News Club etc.)
What if a child shows symptoms?
    • The child will be sent to the office with their belongings. If the health care professionals in the office determine that the child may be ill, the child will be isolated until the parent or guardian arrives. The school will follow procedures outlined by the California Department of Public Health.
COVID-19 Identification and Contact Tracing:
    • Rescue Union School District will continue to work with the El Dorado County Public
      Health regarding each identified COVID-19 case by doing the following:
      • Work with County health officials to track confirmed cases of staff and students with COVID-19. This includes following up with students, parents/guardians, and staff who exhibit symptoms while at school and those who report an absence or miss work due to illness.
      • Green Valley Elementary will report any confirmed cases to the school nurse and District who will then confirm with local health authorities,
      • If a student, family member of a student, or staff member has tested positive for COVID-19, the District will assist local health officials in conducting contact tracing to identify potentially exposed individuals. Those individuals will be asked to self quarantine which may include not participating in on-campus instruction.
      • Students who are quarantined will be provided work by their teacher.
    • We will follow the symptom checker and protocols that are shared on the District web page.