Green Valley Elementary School - Home of the Gators

Intel Parents

If You’re An Intel Employee, We Need You and Your Colleagues!
Intel's Volunteer Matching Grant program is a great way to share your time with the kids and earn money for Green Valley while you are doing it!  For every 20 hours an employee volunteers in a school, the Intel Foundation will match those hours with $200.  The hours can also be combined with a group of employees to earn dollars for a school.
Here are some examples of eligible activities:
  • PC Pals (Contact Mitzi Caycedo through the Intel Global Address Directory for more information).
  • In-class presentations
  • Participating in district-wide curriculum committees
  • Volunteering in the Classroom
  • Tutoring, mentoring
  • Chaperoning a field trip
  • Assisting with a facilities improvement project
  • Holding office on a school board or committee
  • Participating in a career or “shadow” day
  • Volunteering time at home doing “prep work” for teachers
If you are an Intel employee and would like to participate in this program please contact the school office at (530) 677-3686.