Green Valley Elementary School - Home of the Gators

Mileage Club

Mileage Club is a running/walking program that encourages kids to get exercise during their lunch recess. 

(Q)  Who can participate?

(A)  Any student in 1st – 5th grades may participate.

(Q) How does the program work?

(A) Those interested should walk to the upper field during lunch recess.  Mileage Club will be available Monday – Friday through the end of the year (weather permitting).  Students should bring their Mileage Club card with them.  A yard supervisor will punch their card each time they run a lap around the upper field.

Once a student has filled up their card with the required punches (15 laps for 1st – 3rd grade; 20 laps for 4th and 5th grade), the student should turn their card in to the Mileage Club basket on Miss Karen’s desk in the office.

Ms. Miracle or a yard supervisor will hand out a necklace and foot charm for students who complete their first Mileage Club card.  The necklace will be presented in the lunchroom while students are eating.  Necklaces and charms presented will be for those students who turn in their cards on the previous day.

Students will earn another foot charm for every completed card turned in to the office with their first and last name on it.

Student names will also be placed in a raffle (to be held at lunch during the last week of school) for every card turned in.  The raffle will include great prizes.

(Q) What happens if a student loses their card?

(A) If a student loses a card, starts another one, and finds their original card later, both cards may be stapled together and turned in as one for credit.

(Q) Does this mean the students can no longer play on the lower field during recess.

(A) The lower field will be open during upper grade recess for those who want to play.  We may eventually open the lower field for primary kids to play, however this is not yet determined.

(Q) What if a student does not want to participate in Mileage Club?

(A) Students do not have to participate in Mileage Club.  This is just a fun opportunity for them.  All regular recess activities will still be available.