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Welcome to a brand new school year.  All of us at Green Valley School want to make this a successful year for your child.  Your active support and cooperation, combined with our best professional efforts, will ensure academic success for your child.    
We are proud of our staff and students and invite you to be involved in Green Valley School.  Please visit our classrooms, school office, library, cafeteria, and playground.  There is a spirit of cooperation and progress at our school and we want to share with you.  
With parents and teachers working together as a team towards the same goal, every child will succeed.  In order to give each child the best opportunity for success, we ask that we keep children first in all that we do.  If we accept and make real the pledge to keep children first, then it follows that education is our #1 priority.  A school-community with those two concepts as core value and common cause will stand ready, willing and able to do what is needed educating the children.  We know our Green Valley Community is such a place! 
Michelle Winberg - Principal
Michelle Winberg, Principal